Our Ideology

“Real estate goes through change every day. And the reasons are many. Customer expectations and quality standards change every day. Industry milestones travel
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Our Vision

We appreciate potential and expect to deliver results. At Millennium Group, we believe in providing personalised services for each of our clients which
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Our Mission

The mission at Millennium Group is to be known as the most successful and trusted name of the real estate sector in Navi Mumbai. We are a team of promising
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Our Completed Projects

Amolya Senapati

We had our flat in Millennium Avanish built by millennium group in 2011, and were very pleased with lalit patel and the exceptional work done by his company. They were completely professional, honest, punctual with deadlines, quick to respond to our questions and inquiries, and very supportive in helping us navigate the many choices throughout the building project. We have been very pleased with the quality of their work and are thoroughly enjoying the lovely homes they have built for us. If we were to buy another flat in the future, we would certainly use millennium group again.

Prakash Manewal

We newer thought that we would book a flat and that has always been a dream. Ever since we saw some of the successful ventures of Millennium Group, Apparently we ourselves are convinced in buying an appartment in Millennium Grand.

Nilesh Ghadiya

People say buying house is one of the most hectic and risk works. it's not if you are buying it from Millennium Group. I have bought a flat in Millennium Icon in Kharghar the price is really unbeatable along with the amenities provided.

Sujit Gauswami

We wanted to thank you for building us a GREAT HOME!! We've been living in Atlantis for a year, and we're more and more impressed with the quality of construction and all the little details that you've taken care of. Everyone that we interacted with in your office and at the building site was professional and obviously took pride in the quality of their work.
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