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Goods & Service Tax


Being pegged as a progressive tax change since Independence, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is probably going to dispose of the mind boggling and questionable tax structure tormenting the nation right now.

Real Estate in India in the current past has seen an incredible development, not simply in the Tier 1 urban areas, but rather even Tier 2 and Tier 3 urban communities and towns. The industry is in the cusp of expanded controls, with bills i.e. RERA. GST is another improvement that will significantly affect this segment.

The real estate sector is evaluated to represent around 5% of India's GDP and is viewed as the second-biggest employer in the nation.

Be that as it may, the segment confronts issues regarding macroeconomic conditions and financial strategy choices. One such challenge is the administration of the numerous roundabout indirect tax levies, for example, VAT, Service Tax, excise, stamp duty and registration fees.

This has brought about various works on being trailed by developers, crosswise over geographies and even inside each State. These issues ought to be put to rest under the GST administration and the practices and positions ought to be regular crosswise over India. Consequently, the taxes paid by home purchasers crosswise over States should pretty much be the same.

Previously, home buyers used to pay service tax and VAT on buy of residential units when booked before their possession. The proposed GST ought to supplant these various expenses with a single tax and ought to likewise guarantee smooth stream of credits through the chain.

Under revised order from the legislature, under-development properties will be burdened at 18% which incorporates 9% SGST in addition to 9% CGST. The legislature has likewise permitted derivation of land value comparable to 33% of the aggregate sum charged by a developer, along these lines, influencing the compelling tax to rate as 12%. Stamp Duty and Registration charges are outside the ambit of GST now in light of the fact that these are state levies while property tax is a municipal levy.

Overall, GST seems to be an beneficial for the real estate sector, essentially in light of the expected free flow of credit, which ought to convert into an expansion in margin in the hands of the developer. Regardless of whether these advantages will permeate into the end clients/clients is to be seen, all the more so since evaluating in this part is more determined by market forces than on costing standards. All the more critically, as the GST administration is relied upon to give more prominent straightforwardness through market system, it is basic that real estate transactions form a fundamental piece of the proposed GST design.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The impact of GST on the real estate industry will decrease a lot of ambiguity. It has been made clear that under-construction flats would be charged at an effective rate of 12 % on sale value. Wherein Completion Certificate/Occupation Certificate is received, no GST is applicable on the sale of such properties, GST has simplified the taxation process. Instead of paying VAT and service tax, buyers now only need to pay GST, subsuming all other indirect taxes into one.

Important thing you should now about GST for your property:

GST is to bring efficiency into the entire tax system.

THE LEVY of GST is 12 per cent but flat buyers should understand the details of Input Tax Credit (ITC) in GST regime. Buyers should know the construction stage of project as on 30 June,2017, to calculate their ITC benefit

LIKE the earlier service tax regime, renting of residential property has been kept out of the purview of GST. However, the customer will be liable to pay GST in case of rented-out commercial property if the annual rent received exceeds Rs 20 lakh.

THERE WILL not be any change in the stamp duty and registration costs irrespective of whether it is a new property, under construction property or a resale property. These levies continue to be state subjects.
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